Asthma Treatment

Clenbuterol: Used In Treatment For Asthma


Asthma is a serious disorder of lungs. A person suffering from asthma can’t breathe at times properly. Clenbuterol is a drug marketed as ventipulmin which is a sympathomimetic amine and used by people who suffer from breathing disorders. This breathing disorder is also known as bronchodilator.

This drug makes breathing easy and prevents asthma for some time, days or months. One who is suffering from chronic breathing issues should keep clenbuterol drug with them all the time as attack of asthma can take place any time. This compound is commonly found as the hydrochloride salt.

It is favourable in many ways: – it increases capacity in aerobic exercise, it stimulates central nervous system and it causes an increase in blood pressure. Clenbuterol increases body’s BMR when increases the rate at which body fat is metabolized. It is used by athletes as muscle relaxant. In most of the countries this drug is banned as people are using it for weight loss. It can be purchased only on showing prescription. It is mostly used as a slimming pill but it has several side effects on the second side.

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It is available on reputed pharmacies but who are willing to buy for weight loss cannot own this medicine without doctor’s prescription, but there is another method to purchase it i.e. online. The medicine is sold on many websites which can give you at your door step in few days.

The correct use of clenbuterol medicine is for asthma only. It is a beta adronergic agonist which is similar to ephedrine. Its effects are long lasting and more potent.

Its dosage should be recommended by physical trainers or by doctor’s only. The maximum amount of dose can be taken in a day is 150% only. This drug is also used to treat horses but it is banned by FDA in US. This compound is generally found in tablet form for humans and for animals it is in liquid form.

However, most common preparation is syrup. It is illegal to sell this medicine in many countries but still physical trainers recommend this compound as a weight loss supplement. Bodybuilders use it to form cuts by loosing extra fat from the muscles. There are many side effects in case you take the dose in large amount. The common side effects due to this compound are: – muscular cramps, headache, nervousness, nausea, palpitation, trembling fingers and hands, increase in diet, insomnia, hypertension and anxiety feeling, high blood pressure.

Those people complaint that got no results in weight loss from this medicine. Maybe, they left some major steps which are necessary to follow while consuming it. There are several dos and don’ts in clenbuterol cycle. One should eat sufficient food while taking this medicine, consumption of water should be increased; people who consume carbohydrates and fat in food mostly end up with no results and blame the drug. It is very important for those who eat medicine regularly, should do exercise or cardio for an hour properly to burn the thermo genic capacity of the medicine which is necessary to come out in sweat.

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