Clen Side Effects

Common Side Effects Of Clenbuterol


To reduce weight in few weeks without any pain and time wasting is now possible. Bodybuilders take a supplement which is used to reduce excess weight of the body to have lean mass; this magic supplement is termed as clenbuterol. This drug is made for breathing disorder problems and asthma patients use it during breathing fits.

In many countries the usage of clenbuterol is banned due to its common side effects on body. It has anabolic nature and thermogenic property is responsible for unusual weight loss. Those who have asthma and use this compound regularly found reduction in weight in suddenly. FDA department in America banned this drug due to its harmful effects and it is illegal to use without prescription. Clenbuterol liquid was used in past days for animals, especially horses to make them lean and active.

Later on, when its fat burning feature came in lime light then bodybuilders and athletes started using it illegally without doctor’s prescription. The most harmful side effects of clen are:-

Nausea, insomnia, palpitation of heart, increased heart beat rate, high blood pressure, excessive sweating, trembling of hands, pain in joints and muscles, hormonal misbalance in women and vomiting while eating anything in food.

Without knowing its method of consuming, people take it in excitement in excess amount. This overdose creates issues for long term both in men and women. The most common problem which ladies face during its consumption is disturbance in the cycle of menses cycle. To avoid any complications you should first check your medical history. People who already have high blood pressure and suffering from some kind of heart disease should avoid taking clenbuterol.

The clen cycle is given with the medicine when purchased from online market. In first cycle user should eat the tablet of 50 mg per day for two days regularly; then leave the drug for equal days. In second cycle start the medicine after two days are over, since third day count each day till two weeks, leave again for equal weeks. Check for any side effects; if any minor issues come then you don’t have to worry. Perhaps, major side effects should be treated by the doctor as soon as possible. The last cycle is started when medicine is taken in limited dose of clenbuterol and no side effects appeared. The compound is consumed daily now, and no need to leave in between. Take only 50 mg per day and do particular exercises which will help you to release excess thermo energy out of your body which is build inside the body after this drug start working.

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Clenbuterol make you feel active and you more stamina than ever to work and run. To purchase this compound you need to logon to websites which have stock of it and give home delivery. You can pay via credit card, debit card, net banking and on many websites cash on delivery facility is provided. Please beware of frauds and duplicate medicines. Avoid buying clenbuterol liquid and syrups which are sold on heavy discounts; may be duplicate product is sold to you and it can jeopardize your health form deep inside.

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