Fat Burning Clen

Clenbuterol – Burns Excessive Fat


The most common problem of obesity is seen in 60% teenagers and women. The issues which cause this weight gain problem are junk food, hormonal disbalance, imbalanced diet and sleep, consumption of carbohydrates and lack of exercise. Women are suffering from weight gain problem after delivering a baby. The post pregnancy fat is not easy to reduce and due to this unwanted fat they lead to depression and restlessness. Earlier teenagers used to play outdoor games, have fun, run jump and do lot of activities because of which they used to remain fit and healthy.

However, obesity causes many diseases which can be fatal at times for some people. To avoid weight gain or to reduce excess fat one has to exercise daily for one hour, aerobics and yoga is a good option. Early morning jogging and cardio workout helps in reduction of muscle fats which is accumulated mostly on thighs, hips and arms. But one major problem occurs with every youngster and adults are physical labour. They don’t want to give pain to their body muscles for toning. Impatient attitude discourage them to do regular workout in gym and this leads to frustration plus weight gain ultimately.

The medical science has made a drug which is commonly used for asthma patients who have breathing disorder, this medicine is known as Clenbuterol by SoPharma and it is only sold by the pharmacy on showing doctor’s prescription. It has many side effects if dosage is not taken according to directions of physicians. The side effects are: – nausea feeling, palpitation of heart, headache, vomiting, trembling of hands, anxiety, high blood pressure, pain in muscles and many more visible health disorders.

People who are crazy to loose weight in few days don’t think about these side effects. Thus, it is banned in many countries including Australia. FDA has banned clenbuterol in liquid form for animals few years back. It is illegal to sell this medicine without doctor’s prescription and this medicine can be very harmful if incase taken in excessive quantity at a time.

There is a clenbuterol cycle which has to be maintained in order to shed off fat from the body in just few days and without any major side effects. It contains anabolic nature. The first step on cycle is: – consume drug for two days regularly once a day after your meal and exercise for 20 min, then take a break for two days. This is an effective method to avoid early day’s side effects. You cannot see results in just two days so keep on taking clenbuterol for another two weeks and again leave it for two weeks equally. Now in this phase of clen cycles you can feel inch lose or 2 to 3 pounds less. In this way your body starts resisting this compound positively and you can enter into the third phase of cycle very easily. Start consuming drug on daily basis once a day but work out is necessary to exhaust this medicines thermal energy through sweating. It gives best result only when it is taken by cycle or by the doctor’s advice.

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