Clen Historical Data

Historical Issues Due To Clenbuterol


The amazing weight loss drug, named Clenbuterol, has been in the focus of media for long time. This is because of different articles & news about various pros & cons of clen. This wonderful supplement drug was developed to treat the breathing problems. However, it was banned when researchers came to know about the harmful side-effects. Despite this, many sportsperson have used it illegally as performance enhancer. One can find numbers of such cases in the mirror of history.

Jessica Hardy – Swimmer in Swamp
Jessica Hardy is well known American swimmer. Everybody knows that swimming is among those activities that requires very high level of stamina & energy. It may need 350 to 700 kcal of energy to swim for an hour, depending on the weight of swimmer. In the US trials – 2008, she was found positive for the test of Clenbuterol. This was a strong attack on her well reputed image. In addition, her carrier suffered a lot during that time. However, in the official inquiries, it was found that she had accidently taken it in the form of supplement mixed in her food. Then also, she had to suffer the long one year suspension.

Polish Canoer Suspended
Adam Seroczyńsiki, who is famous Polish canoer, got positive for Clenbuterol after K-2 1000 m event in the summer Olympics, 2008. Due to this, he was disqualified & also suffered suspension. He presented the same excuse as that was given by famous swimmer Jessica.

Spain Reputation Ruptured
Spain got serious shock when its cyclist Alberto Contador got suspended for two years. He was tested positive during the 2010 Tour de France. Due to this, he was snatched away the title of Tour de France. In addition, he lost his famous title of 2011 Giro d’Italia. Just like other’s case, it was found that he didn’t take it intentionally but from contaminated food supplements, which were reported for number of time during that period.

Mota Got Two Strokes
The well known pitcher Guillermo Mota got positive for Clen test in 2006. This resulted in serious event of suspension that too for 50 games. As the time passed, Mota healed from this wound. But the year of 2012 proved to be unfortunate as he was suspended for 100 games again by MLB. It was due to the positive Clen test. This left a black mark on his carrier. Investigations are being carried out to know if he had taken Clen intentionally or was given unknowingly. No one knows when the black cloud of Clen test will get away from him.

Whole Mexican Team Tested Positive – How
It is true that whole Mexican team was tested positive for Clen test in 2011. In the mirror of this, FIFA found 109 Clenbuterol positive players for Under-17 world cup in Mexico. After the lots of investigation, cause came to be known as the contamination of Mexican meat with Clenbuterol.

Overall, the users of Clenbuterol should have a look on this article to get it clearly that the use of Clen is prohibited & the illegal use may bring you the serious outcomes. It is advised to take proper prescription from doctor before using Clenbuterol. It is not a harmful drug, but, the way of using it makes it so.

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