Clen not a Steroid

Clenbuterol – Not A Steroid Or A Supplement


Clenbuterol is very popular medicine which is widely used by asthma patients. Asthma is a kind of breathing disorder which usually develops since birth or because of allergy to dust and tension. If medicine is not provided on time then people suffering from asthma can die also. Clenbuterol have anabolic nature and it is not a steroid. In many countries it is banned due to its thermo genic energy which can burn excess fat of your body if taken regularly.

Bodybuilders, gym instructors, athletes and college going students are crazy about this drug. People are after it because it can reduce weight in few weeks without any physical labor or sweating. As every medicine is harmful if taken in large quantity and on daily basis in the same way clenbuterol is not safe in order to shed of extra weight. People who are affected of obesity problem are depressed and can exceed any limit to reduce weight. Physical trainers suggest clenbuterol and many weight reduction supplements which have some common but major side effects. These side effects are: – nausea, insomnia, vomiting, palpitation of heart, high blood pressure, trembling of hands and headache. Some people who are in course of bodybuilding feel pain in their muscles after consuming this compound.

Doctor’s do not suggest this medicine for weight loss program and advise people to stay away as it can give you long lasting side effects and can turn fatal in some cases. Earlier this drug was used on animals and especially on horses to make them lean and to increase their stamina to run, then people tried on themselves and it worked. This medicine was given to animals in syrup form and human’s consumed it in tablet form.

Mostly women who reduce weight by consuming this drug feels pain in lower abdomen, hormonal misbalance is common, menses cycle gets disturbed and in common cases ladies become a patient of anxiety. Pregnant and lactating mothers are advised to stay away from clenbuterol hydrochloride drug. FDA has banned this medicine in many countries but still people are selling and buying it by illegal way. Reputed pharmacies keep it and give only on showing doctor’s prescription. As it is unsafe if taken in large quantity so pharmacies does not provide them to teenagers or any one in common.

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However, there are many websites on World Wide Web who are selling this drug on discount if taken in bulk and they don’t even ask for any doctor’s prescription also. If you are using it and your stock is about to last then place an order in advance because online delivery of the product takes time to reach at your door step.

Practioners suggest people to consume this magic drug in a cycle of three phases. In first phase, eat medicine for two days and then leave for equal days, enter into second phase, in this consume medicine for two weeks and leave again for equal days. Watch out for side effects and then enter into third phase, where you are supposed to take medicine on daily basis.

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